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17 Apr 18
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In The Last 200 Years, How Much Has The Written Word Has Changed?

How Humanity Has Embraced a Brave New World

George Orwell’s prediction is about to be realized since it is already the end of 1984. An apocalypse is silently lurking in the back door while we were happy celebrating that we were able to avoid cultural and political tyranny.

Allow me to show you what 1984 looked like. In 1984, the cold war was ending. The wall of Berlin will fall and in the next 10 years to come, Ronald Reagan will be known forever as the man who has ended the Soviet Union.

We don not know this anymore. The president now is a celebrity. The workd today is lead by TV and public discourse is replaced by etertainment. Americans rarely give notice to the written word.

It would not be interesting if it is not entertaining.

We have landed in a Nreave New World even if we have avoided the 1984, claimed the book of Mr. Neil Postman, an American Communications philosopher. It will be shown in the next few line how the apocalypse has change the written word today.

The Written Word’s Status as a Celebrity
Tiny was the word before the telegraph was invented. The only way to the open world was the written word.

The newspaper is a good source where you can get information about what happened long time ago. The newspaper may show you what really happened to the world months before but it is already history.

Knowledge can be found in the books. And it was only knowledge that was worthy of all the hard work in the 18th and 19th centuries. People will know you because you write books. During those times, if you want to be famous, you will write books.

It makes me envious of those who had written and published their work in the 18th and 19th century as I am an author myself. They could have traveled the world and speak in various languages like Mark Twain. Because of writing, he has become rich and prospered in many things.

But I strayed because Nowadays, writing books will not make you as rich and famous such as the celebrity stars you see in the TV today. Your books got you famous and you will known by your intellect.

Your looks will not matter and people do not care for as long as you write books and got famous for it. Your stature in life will not matter because only your books will define you.

Only the science of reason prevailed. In the Senate or even at the White House, if you did not get a long and hard to endure argument, you will only be laughed at. You will not just belittled if you had a long argument.

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